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Marc Wethmar

Education and work experience
I graduated from Groningen University with a degree in business economics (Master of Science in Business Administration). I then enrolled in several programs, f.e. on project management, organizational development, coaching and conflict management (Trigon).
I have quite a few years of management experience under my belt. I worked for Weleda AG (Germany) for ten years in personnel, marketing and sales, five of those as the Marketing and Sales Director and member of the international Board of the Company and one year as the Operational Manager of 17 branches for Randstad Switzerland. I’ve also had a lot of experience in personnel, for example as a personnel manager for Akzo Nobel in Amsterdam.
From 2001 to 2005 I was a Senior Management Consultant and Trainer for Credit Suisse Business School in Zurich. Since 2003 I’ve been an independent consultant and trainer for leadership- & organizational development. I’m a member of a worldwide network of organizational consultants, the Association for Social Development. “

What drives me
What drives me is to support people, and therefore organizations, in their development. I want to help people recognize their talents, skills and potential and make good use of them because they choose to do so and because they take responsibility for them. Doing this, not only increases their own well-being, it also promotes the well-being of their customers and their organization. They become passionate, committed to their work, and take the initiative – all things that are beneficial to an organization’s development.

Personal background
I was born in Germany in 1959, have the dutch and swiss nationality and have lived in Switzerland (Zurich) since 1999. My wife is French/Swiss. One of my biggest challenges is to be a good father to my sons Nils, David, Simon and Robin. 
One of my passions is swimming in nearby Lake Zurich. I swim in the early morning because it gives me a chance to reflect on the day ahead of me. The water inspires me in another way as well: I love to sail on the lake and experience the forces of nature. I’m interested in what’s happening in the world, economical and spiritual. F.e. i keep close track of how societies are changing in such places as South Africa, Israel and Palestine, India, China and the United States.

Personal Contact
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